Thought for the Day - Akhandadhi Das - 18/06/2013

The beleaguered Co-operative bank is having to raise one and a half billion pounds to shore up its balance sheet. The good news is that no tax-payers’ money is required. The bad news perhaps, for those who viewed the Cooperative as different to other high-street banks, is that there will now be independent shareholders; with the usual stock exchange obligations and pressures. But, says Euan Sutherland, the head of theCo-op, there should be no change to the ethos or the running of the bank. This resolve to keep true to one’s values in the face of upheaval intrigues me.
The Bhagavad-gita describes three levels of resolve: the lowest never rises much above wishful thinking. The second is being determinedly focussed to achieve a specific clear-cut result. Then, the Gita offers a third type of resolve – one in which we are steadfast in the pursuit of a principle, rather than a particular outcome.
Now, life is messy; and sometimes, it may seem that a lofty principle could be lost, if we fail on practical matters. If the Co-operative bank doesn’t achieve liquidity, it’s argued, all its good intentions would be irrelevant. So, sometimes a little pragmatism is called for
And, we can’t always get to where we want straightaway. A series of steps may be needed to make steady progress towards our goal...

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