How Far Would You Go to Get a Job?

Global Youth Unemployment
Seventy-three million young people worldwide are out of work. And that number is set to keep growing over the next five years, according to recent figures from the UN's International Labour Organisation. As countries look at innovative and sometimes controversial ways to help the jobless earn money, we look at Malawi which recently signed a deal to export 100,000 18-25 year olds to South Korea to find work. What will this new partnership mean for the two countries?

Holiday Homes Online Scams
We investigate an international holiday fraud that leaves holidaymakers thousands of dollars out of pocket and with nowhere to stay when they reach their destination. Experts advise on how to protect yourself and explain what are your rights if you fall victim.

Money Habits and Financial Education
Are you a spender or a saver? Where did you learn your money habits? A recent study found that money habits are formed by the age of seven and emphasises the need for children to be educated about financial issues. The Czech Republic is widely recognised as one of the world leaders in its efforts to incorporate financial education across all curriculum subjects for all ages. We examine other success stories around the world. And, we ask our listeners where they learnt how to budget and manage their money.

When is a gift to say thank you really a bribe for favourable treatment? Your Money had a great audience response to our discussion about corruption in our recent programme from India. Building on that success, we focus on Vietnam and China, looking at the blurry line between legitimate gift-giving and bribery. And, we compare mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan to see if a good anti-graft system and education will make a difference within the same culture.

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