Comedy Feeds, 2012 Episode guide

  1. The Tapeface Tapes

    8/8 Mime act The Boy with Tape on his Face performs a unique brand of surreal silent comedy.

    First broadcast: 31 Aug 2012

  2. People Just Do Nothing

    7/8 Mockumentary that follows the lives of people connected to a London pirate radio station.

    First broadcast: 17 Aug 2012

  3. The Imran Yusuf Show

    6/8 Imran Yusuf shares his uniques views on life, dating and talking in the cinema.

  4. Impractical Jokers Episode 2

    5/8 Marek Larwood, Paul McCaffrey, Roisin Conaty and Carl Donnelly play the pranks.

  5. Impractical Jokers Episode 1

    4/8 Eric Lampaert, Joel Dommett, Nathan Caton and Paul Sweeney rise to the challenge.

  6. For the Win

    3/8 Sam faces the incredible consequences of deciding to bring back the bum-bag.

    First broadcast: 07 Sep 2012

  7. Dawson Bros. Funtime

    2/8 Sketch show featuring iPads for horses and a YouTube-obsessed prime minister.

    First broadcast: 14 Sep 2012

  8. Celebrity Bitch Slap

    1/8 Spoof celebrity gossip show that brings you the 'real stories' behind the headlines.

    First broadcast: 24 Aug 2012

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