Kevin Sinnott

For presenter Kim Howells, Kevin Sinnott is one of the few painters to reflect his Wales - showing the vibrancy of the south Wales valleys. Sinnott likes to think of his paintings as being about the community, about life, the warmth and passion of the characters in the south Wales valleys. He explains the process of his painting as being initially quite abstract, more akin to abstract expressionism than it is to traditional figurative painting. The philosophy behind the process he describes as coming from him being immersed in the art. They discuss his best known painting Running Away with the Hairdresser, which Howells describes as one of the most popular paintings to have come out of Wales in the last 30 years. Sinnott explains that it came from an earlier painting of a single figure of a young man simply called Running Away. He really is not sure where the title came from and leaves open the answer to the question of from what, or why, the figures are running away.

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