A Route 66 of the Future: Signal Failure

Have you ever sat in a car that was not going anywhere as traffic ahead of you ground to a halt? As the public announcement system on a train crackles into life, have you winced anticipating the news and apology for the expected delay that you are about to endure? Commuting affects all cities around the world, and is a common form of pain for citizens and governments both local and federal.

Sao Paulo for instance, routinely has traffic jams of 200 kilometres. Three years ago in Beijing there was a traffic jam that lasted twelve days. In London, traffic is so slow that doctors complain that in the event of a bad accident, far from sending an ambulance you might as well send a hearse.

In part four of Click's special series, A Route 66 of the Future: Signal Failure, Gareth Mitchell explores how technology might help to identify the worse problems of traffic congestion. There is also news about how App developers are using data to build features for more pleasant routes. And we look at how commuters are using technological tools to help not just themselves but also their fellow commuters.

(Image: Intersecting flyovers with huge traffic jams. Credit: AFP/Getty Images)

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