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Lindy Chamberlain: 32 Years of Torment

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Wednesday 12 June 2013

On August 17th 1980, a baby called Azaria Chamberlain disappeared from her parents' tent in Ayers Rock, Australia. There were four inquests and the baby's mother - Lindy Chamberlain - was wrongly convicted of killing the baby. Last year, a coroner ruled for the final time that a dingo was responsible for Azaria's death. Lindy Chamberlain talks about her 32 year battle to clear her name.

Matthew Bannister also hears from the Canadian-Korean documentary maker Ann Shin. While undercover, she filmed a group of North Korean defectors who risked imprisonment or death, as they tried to escape across the border into China.

In Amsterdam, we meet the identical twin sisters Louise and Martine Fokkens. They have just retired after working for 50 years in the Dutch capital's red light district.

We also hear from Uneku Atawodi, a Nigerian woman who has made a successful career as a polo player. She has set up a charity in Abuja to give orphans the chance to ride a horse.

For 60 years, an enormous mechanical talking cowboy called 'Big Tex' greeted visitors to the Texas State Fair. Last year, the Texan icon became national news when he caught fire due to an electrical fault. Outlook's Jane O'Brien meets the man who was 'Big Tex's voice for more than ten years.

And on Witness: memories of Nigeria's controversial 1993 election, which was supposed to end military rule and restore democracy. Alex Last meets Fred Eno.

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