Dissecting the Surveillance State

The man who revealed a huge scheme by US intelligence to mine internet records goes into hiding - so where do his revelations leave the concept of data privacy? We talk to one journalist who says Silicon Valley is to blame for building a surveillance state.

We find out why cracking down on illegal foreign gold miners is very popular in Ghana, but upsetting China.

Over in LA, we hear about the latest tech innovations Apple and Microsoft want to dazzle us with.

And why some Chinese employers are finding it hard to keep workers - we meet the co-owner of one Beijing pizza chain who is going to unusual lengths to keep his employees happy.

Plus, Lucy Kellaway talks us through elevator etiquette and tells us how the lift can be the most excruciating space in the workplace.

Our guests throughout the programme hail from opposite sides of the pacific, Simon Littlewood, President of the Asia Now consulting group in Singapore and Charlie Herman, Business and Economics Editor of WNYC in New York.

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Tue 11 Jun 2013 00:06 GMT

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