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Sunday 09 June 2013

As the weather warms up look out for pests and diseases on the new growth as aphids and fungul spores will attack almost without you seeing them before they have a real hold. Just go for one of the many garden products on the market and start your attack. By hitting the problems early you will have a better chance of getting control before the bulk of damage is done.

Keep an eye open especially for grey mould on Grape Vines and spray with Boudreaux Mixture on a regular basis and if the infection is not too bad then simply remove the effected foliage with clippers and discard well away from the main plant. Trim back any invasive long green shoots to keep the vine from getting too big

Early flowering ground cover Aubrietia can be trimmed back once flowering has finished. If done now then there is a good chance of more flowers this summer.

Keep greenhouses well ventilated to allow pollinating insects access and to keep the air flowering through. Stale air in greenhouses will cause fungal diseases to get a hold.

Happy Gardening.


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