Turkish Protests and Factory Safety in Asia

What is the state of Turkey's economy in the midst of anti-government protests? Find out from a Turkish bar owner who has closed his business and joined the protestors.

And what does a horrific fire in a Chinese poultry factory tell us about the way labour safety conditions affect free market competition? We get the latest with our reporter in Shanghai and talk factory safety with our guests, economist Betsey Stevenson in the US and journalist Simon Long in Indonesia.

We're live outside court in New York as Apple is in the dock facing charges of price fixing on e-books.

Plus, a look at the pitfalls of starting a handbag business in Montenegro.

Commentator Lucy Kellaway asks if employers really care about what kind of degree you have.

And does room service still make business sense? One big hotel in New York thinks not.

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Tue 4 Jun 2013 00:06 GMT

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