Chocolate Locust Anyone?

Eating More Insects
More than two billion people around the world eat insects; everything from beetles, locusts and crickets to bees and even wasps. Now a new report by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN is urging us to eat and farm more insects to help combat hunger and improve global food security. Eva Muller is co-director of the Forestry Department at the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN.

Breast Cancer Screening in Saudia Arabia
Breast cancer is the most common cancer in women in both the developed and developing world. If caught early, the chances of survival are high. But in some countries, like in Saudi Arabia, the disease is neglected which means the cancer is often caught too late. Now for the first time, the health ministry has introduced a new nationwide early detection programme to make breast cancer screenings more readily available. It includes the first ever use of mobile mammography units. The BBC’s Mohammad Taha went to visit one of them at the Ganadria Cultural Festival.

Sweaty Babies
A study of one year old babies has found an intriguing connection between their physiological symptoms when they are confronted with a frightening situation, and their levels of aggression two years later. Professor Stephanie Van Goozen from Cardiff University’s School of Psychology in Wales conducted this new research. It was published online this week in the journal Psychological Science.

Picture: Chocolate Locusts. Credit: FAO, Rome, Italy

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