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Episode 3/6.

President Mubarak's crony capitalism was one of the driving forces of the revolution – but, inequality, corruption and bureaucracy appear to have continued unhindered. While the economy was already in the doldrums, since the revolution things have become markedly worse.

In the third programme in this series, Egypt's Challenge, Shaimaa Khalil examines the state of Egypt's economy two years after its revolution. Then people were calling for bread, freedom and social justice – have those demands been met? Shaimaa discovers that insecurity on the streets and political instability have frightened off investors. She also looks at how the unofficial, illegal economy has so far prevented complete economic collapse and, with the help of economists, looks at the mysterious role played by the military in Egypt's economy.

Produced by John Murphy.

(Image of a textile mill in Mahalla, one of Egypt's most famous exports, Egyptian Cotton. BBC Copyright.)

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