The end of the tax haven?

Off shore havens are used to shelter trillions from the tax authorities. But as austerity begins to really bite the world's governments aren't in the mood to tolerate tax evasion any more. Are off-shore havens soon going to be a thing of the past?

Business Daily takes you undercover to discover just how easy it is to hide your cash away.

Justin Rowlatt asks the head of the Bankers' Association in Europe's biggest tax haven, the tiny nation of Luxembourg, why the Grand Duchy was so reluctant to change its secrecy rules.

Plus we'll be telling you what to do if - for whatever reason - you haven't been paying enough tax. We speak to a former tax inspector who says he can make sure you don't pay back more than you should.

(Image: A man and a woman stand by a car, Credit: AFP/Getty)

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