Empowering women in the corporate world in Asia

On today's programme we hear from IMF Chief Economist Olivier Blanchard that the eurozone is out of the danger zone but not quite out of the woods.

The drastic slowdown in computer sales squeezes Intel's profits but the chip maker hasn't blinked. We get the latest.

And we talk about the future of easy listening as spotify streams into Asia and south America. We talk to their London team and analyse why music on demand is soaring in popularity.

We're joined throughout the programme by two guests on opposite sides of the pacific Olivia Sterns from Bloomberg in New York and Sarah Everitt Furuya, President of the women's networking organisation "For Empowering Women" in Japan who talks about her work trying to get more women into the corporate world in Asia.

And we hear from the guy who wrote his resignation on a cake.

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