Red meat and heart disease risk; a database of Rhino DNA; the life of Professor Robert Edwards, IVF pioneer.

Does eating lean red meat increase the risk of heart disease? Research suggests microbes in our gut convert something called carnitine in red meat to a potentially harmful substance in our bloodstream.
Conservationists are creating a database of DNA fingerprints of all living rhinos - and even the horns of dead ones - to try to tackle the international trade in their horn.
Scientists observe that listening to new music triggers activity in the reward centre of our brains.
A new book by Tom Chatfield collects together the neologisms from the net to provide a new lexicon of digitalk or geekspeak.
Test-tube baby pioneer Professor Robert Edwards died last Wednesday, aged 87.
Child psychologist Annette Karmiloff-Smith describes her career and why she thinks that the right sort of TV could be better for babies than a book.
And palaeontologists describe a cache of 190 million year old dinosaur embryos uncovered in China.

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