North Korean Sabre Rattling

A fresh look at the week's global news from across the World Service's 27 language sections, with presenter David Amanor.

North Korea's Kim Jong-un is not alone when it comes to rattling his sabre. We hear about other regimes who have used rhetoric as a bargaining tool from East Asia Hub's Yuwen Wu, Artyom Liss from the Europe Hub, Diana Kola of the former Albanian Service, BBC Arabic's Sam Farah and Simona Kralova from BBC Monitoring

BBC Brasil's Thomas Pappon gives the lowdown on the big-hitting stories across the World Service language sites this week.

Persian TV's Tahir Qadiry was back home in Kabul recently to make a documentary about the perils of drug addiction. Afghanistan has proportionately the highest rate of addicts in the world. Tahrir recalls meeting and filming some of them.

Are you preparing a banquet? Don't know what to feed your guests? Well the Fifth Floor might have the answer. We're on the trail of Francois Hollande's missing camel, presented to him as a thank you gift from the people of Mali, which may have met a more edible fate. Olivier Weber from BBC Afrique takes up the story.

Haddad was born and bred in Baghdad and has lived through many different eras and faces of the city. He's watched other BBC reporters come and go whilst he remains to report on the turbulence of a country that has been wracked by conflict.

ARTS DAILY: Make way for the 5th floor musical mic! This week we're looking at the appeal of Bollywood in Africa with BBC Swahili's Kassim Kayira and Focus on Africa TV's Serena Chaudhry.

It's 21 years since Disney opened its first theme park in mainland Europe, just outside Paris. But from the outset the venture was plagued with problems. Rebecca Kesby has been speaking to the first CEO of EuroDisney Bob FitzGerald.

Picture: North Korean Army marching.
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