Emergency digital bracelets

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Emergency digital bracelets
There's news of an emergency bracelet that has been designed for human rights activists working in danger zones. It is able to send messages and exploit social networking tools in the event of any attack on an activist. Robert Hårdh from Civil Rights Defenders joins Click to discuss how beneficial such a simple device might be.
(Photo © Civil Rights Defenders)

Virtual talking head
Are you frustrated by the lack of emotion it is possible to evoke in a text or voice message? Are you concerned also that such messages might be misinterpreted? Do you yearn from an even closer evocation of human interaction through digital technology? Well, Zoe might just be the answer. Zoe is a virtual "talking head" which can express a range of human emotions and might conceivably be used as a digital personal assistant. Click hears from one of the key researchers behind Zoe, Dr Bjorn Stenger.

Netymology: From Apps to Zombies
And finally, the art of Netymology. The digital world has swept in a host of new words, and colonised old words to convey meaning and function. Tom Chatfield has put all of these words together in a new book called From Apps to Zombies: A Linguistic Celebration of the Digital World. He joins Click to explore what these words mean for us today and what they might mean in the future.

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