Webscape: Virtual ballooning

Kate Russell's weekly review of websites and apps.

Flight simulator fans can cruise through the skies over photo-realistic continents with the free plug-in from Google Earth, with a link to download and full instructions on gefs-online.com. (www.gefs-online.com)

The classic flight simulator, MicrosoftFlight, offers a more traditional flying experience, available largely free but with premium price tags on advanced upgrades and add-ons. (microsoftflight.com)

If you prefer to keep your data in the cloud rather than your head, try the back-up and storage service Sugarsync. The latest version has had a complete redesign and now includes apps across all popular smartphone platforms and tablets. (https://www.sugarsync.com/beta/)

A simple tool that lets you share audio messages with Twitter contacts is MyTalky.com, with free apps for Android and iOS. (http://mytalky.com/)

Books are a very personal subject but web-based recommendation engines are all about what your friends say they like. Knightlabprojects offer an app that links to your Twitter account to come up with suggestions based on what you say you like, rather than your friends. (http://books.knightlabprojects.com/)

If you think your social act needs cleaning up, check out Simple Wash. It trawls through your Facebook and Twitter profiles searching for untoward comments, likes and tags. (http://simplewa.sh/)

A new Chrome plug-in is making headlines this week or rather it is cutting headlines down because its sole purpose is to pick out the important bits of an article and highlight them for easy skim reading. (http://www.cruxlight.com/)

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