The midwives share a girlie gossip

A heavily pregnant Chummy's return to the fold has been welcomed by all, and as the younger midwives share a girlie evening around the kitchen table they discuss her impending birth. Chummy compares the anticipation to that of "the night before a tiger shoot in Rajputan" and speaks of her desire to keep on working as long as she can, espcially given that the midwives are short handed.

An uneasy PC Noakes enters and interrupts. Wash bag in hand he needs to do his nightly ablutions, but the bathroom has been engaged for quite a while. Chummy comes to his aid and together they knock on the door and find it is Sister Evangelina who has kept it occupied. She has been having a bath and is not happy to be interrupted and nor is happy that the toilet seat has been left up. PC Noakes is mortified.

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