A little-known insurgency in Thailand, plus the price of limes in a rich Australia

As you head south from Bangkok, glittering Buddhist temples give way to squat mosques nestled among palm trees. The language changes too – from Thai to Malay. But despite the cultural differences, Pattani is still in Thailand, and that simple historical accident has given rise to a movement which sprang up nine years ago, seemingly from nowhere. Jonathan Head has been to the scene of an attack on a primary school, and has been finding out more about a loose armed Islamic rebel group without a leader, or even a name.

Australia has been riding high on a resource boom which has seen it avoid the recession engulfing most of the developed world. But with wealth comes high prices and high living. Madeleine Morris has just returned to her native country, and she found a place changed by money in all sorts of ways.

Presented by Pascale Harter.

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Wed 27 Feb 2013 04:50 GMT

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