Uganda’s rising prices and anger at immigration in Singapore

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Inflation has been beaten, the Governor of the Bank of Uganda told our correspondent, and price rises have now been held to less than 5% a year. Why then has the price of eggs in a suburban Kampala market doubled? Paul Lewis was recently in Uganda recording a programme on personal finance, and he met ordinary people trying to deal with inflation, and traders working despite the poor state of roads and transport.

Singapore has its own infrastructure problems and many blame foreigners for causing them. The city-state has always been open to outsiders, and in particular to business people and labourers who boost the economy. But that welcoming attitude has also led to an over-crowded public transport system and property prices that have shot up out of reach for the average worker because of wealthy foreigners snapping up flats. Karishma Vaswani met Singaporeans who are upset at the country’s ruling political party.

Presenter: Pascale Harter
Producer: Mike Wendling

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