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World Have Your Say is a daily global news debate programme that uses the experiences and expertise of people from all walks of life to report and analyse the news. Its premise relies on the willingness of thousands of people from around the world to share many details of their lives with a huge global audience.

The programme's seven years on air have coincided with the rapid rise in the use of social media and the far-ranging impact that this had on what people consider to be private and public. In Sharing It All, World Have Your Say presenter Ros Atkins will meet some of the many guests he's spoken to in the last year, to understand why they were prepared to share so much of their lives so publicly, and what happened when they did.

Atkins speaks to Lubna Naji, an Iraqi living in Baghdad who has regularly contacted World Have Your Say during her years as a student and a young doctor. In Oslo, he meets Adrian Pracon who survived Anders Breivik's attack on Utoeya Island and has spoken to the media extensively after a quite conscious decision to share as much as possible in public. Atkins travels to Liverpool to talk with Linda Bancroft who lost her sight two years ago. She shared far more on World Have Your Say than she has done with some of her close relatives, she reflects on why that happened. He also speaks to the city trader, who once told him on World Have Your Say that he 'goes to bed every night dreaming of another recession', about why he'd been so honest so publicly.

Image: From left to right: Fatima Haji, Alessio Rastani, Adrian Pracon, Vegard Grøslie Wennesland

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