Google Ads bias

Google Ads bias
A Harvard professor says her research has revealed racial bias in the delivery of Google Ads. Professor Latanya Sweeney carried out a search with more than 2000 African American-identified names and found that they were more likely than white-identified names to elicit negative advertising. Professor Sweeney discusses the meaning of the results on Click.

Digits control
A sensor that is worn on the wrist and creates 3D-models of the user's hand and finger movements in real-time has been designed by David Kim. The Digits prototype is part of an effort to create a mobile device that would allow its owner to control a range of equipment using hand gestures. Click talks to David Kim about designing the gadget and what it might be used for in the future.

Walk Again
In little over a year from now scientists at the Walk Again Project hope to make scientific and sporting history. At the opening of the 2014 world cup they will showcase an exoskeleton controlled only by human thoughts, worn and controlled by a paralysed boy or girl who will walk again and take the opening kick of the tournament. Click's Lorna Stewart reports on the project.

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