Graham Sutherland

Rolf Harris travels through the Pembrokeshire countryside to revisit the parts of Wales which so inspired Graham Sutherland. The clip includes footage of cliffs and countryside and the landscape of Pembrokeshire. Rolf describes how Graham Sutherland started off as an engineering draughtsman and discovered how much he liked drawing. Sutherland became an official war artist in the Second World War, drawing and painting bombed areas of Swansea and the East End of London. Rolf visits Oriel y Parc Gallery in St Davids and sees Sutherland's paintings, one of which, Road to Porthclais particularly inspires him. He is taken by boat around the Pembrokeshire coastline to see those areas that Sutherland used as a source for his work. Footage is shown of Graham Sutherland describing how he is inspired by what he finds and the cliffs and red stone from the beach. Rolf paints a version of the painting by Graham Sutherland which he saw in the gallery and discusses the process as he paints.

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