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Ulysses by Tennyson (audio)

Duration: 04:33

Ulysses (Odysseus) expresses his discontent in remaining at home now that his great journey is over. He proclaims that he cannot rest from travel as his travels have exposed him to many different people and cultures and to the delight of battle. Ulysses now speaks of his son Telemachus, who will act as his successor while the great hero resumes his travels. He speaks of his son’s capabilities as a ruler, praising his prudence, dedication, and devotion to the gods. Telemachus will do his work of governing the island while Ulysses will do his work of travelling the seas. Finally, Ulysses addresses the mariners with whom he has travelled for many years, urging them all to travel on to greater glory.

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Words and Music Ancient Greece

Poetry and music on the theme of Ancient Greece. Readings by Tim McMullan, Clare Higgins.

First broadcast: 28 Dec 2008

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