What If... Chicken Conquers the World?

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Susie Emmett goes on a journey to investigate chicken production, an industry which dates back 10,000 years.

In programme one Emmett visits farms with millions of birds, speaks to the reclusive world-dominating poultry breeders who control the genetics of most of the 50 billion chickens eaten globally each year, and travels to the US to see the grain harvest which feeds the birds that feed us.

Emmett also hears concerns that modern chicken-keeping is all about the needs of those who eat them and not those of the chickens.

Back on the farm, Emmett also examines what has made the all-important 'feed conversion ratio' even better and faster than ever. Surprisingly, it's not some new high tech intervention that is making the difference. Giving the chickens a bit of exercise is what matters.

(Image: Chicks, Credit: Susie Emmett, Green Shoots Productions)

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