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Harriet Scott Episode guide

  1. The Apollo Theatre

    Reaction to the Apollo Theatre ceiling collapse.

    First broadcast: 20 Dec 2013

    Image for The Apollo Theatre Not currently available
  2. Snoring and writing letters

    Coping with snoring and do you still write letters?

    First broadcast: 19 Dec 2013

    Image for Snoring and writing letters Not currently available
  3. Allowing prisoners to vote and alcohol

    Should prisoners get the right to vote and how often do you drink alcohol?

    First broadcast: 18 Dec 2013

    Image for Allowing prisoners to vote and alcohol Not currently available
  4. Heathrow and vitamin supplements

    Should Heathrow be expanded and do you take vitamin supplements?

    First broadcast: 17 Dec 2013

    Image for Heathrow and vitamin supplements Not currently available
  5. Child benefit and plastic bags

    Child benefit and 5p for plastic bags.

    First broadcast: 16 Dec 2013

    Image for Child benefit and plastic bags Not currently available
  6. Benefits

    Should you be denied benefits if you can't speak an acceptable level of English?

    First broadcast: 13 Dec 2013

    Image for Benefits Not currently available
  7. Retirement and elderly people

    Are you ready for retirement and who is the oldest person you know?

    First broadcast: 12 Dec 2013

    Image for Retirement and elderly people Not currently available
  8. Tips and discipline

    Do you tip and how should children be disciplined?

    First broadcast: 11 Dec 2013

    Image for Tips and discipline Not currently available
  9. The Moon and burglary

    Talking about burglary and asking should we go back to the Moon?

    First broadcast: 10 Dec 2013

    Image for The Moon and burglary Not currently available
  10. Smacking

    Talking about smacking children.

    First broadcast: 09 Dec 2013

    Image for Smacking Not currently available
  11. Nelson Mandela

    Reaction to the death of Nelson Mandela with Harriet Scott and Paul Ross.

    First broadcast: 06 Dec 2013

    Image for Nelson Mandela Not currently available
  12. Cold calls and children

    Dealing with cold calls and do you spoil your children?

    First broadcast: 05 Dec 2013

    Image for Cold calls and children Not currently available
  13. Gambling and Christmas

    Talking about gambling machines and Christmas dinner.

    First broadcast: 04 Dec 2013

    Image for Gambling and Christmas Not currently available
  14. Tom Daley, night buses and random acts of kindness

    Jumoke Fashola sits in for Harriet.

    First broadcast: 03 Dec 2013

    Image for Tom Daley, night buses and random acts of kindness Not currently available
  15. Begging and phobias

    New laws on begging and where do phobias come form?

    First broadcast: 02 Dec 2013

    Image for Begging and phobias Not currently available
  16. Bullying and middle names

    Bullying ginger people and do you ever use your middle name?

    First broadcast: 29 Nov 2013

    Image for Bullying and middle names Not currently available
  17. Living on a waterway and is keeping up with the Joneses

    Keeping up with the Joneses and living on one of London's waterways.

    First broadcast: 28 Nov 2013

    Image for Living on a waterway and is keeping up with the Joneses Not currently available
  18. Smoking and police officer cut-outs

    Banning smoking on NHS grounds and cardboard cut-outs of police officers.

    First broadcast: 27 Nov 2013

    Image for Smoking and police officer cut-outs Not currently available
  19. Bob Crow, underwear and smoke alarms

    Buying underwear for your partner at Christmas and changing your smoke alarm battery.

    First broadcast: 26 Nov 2013

    Image for Bob Crow, underwear and smoke alarms Not currently available
  20. Policing and Monday's

    Jason Rosam sits in for Harriet.

    First broadcast: 25 Nov 2013

    Image for Policing and Monday's Not currently available
  21. Computer games and 24-hour Tube

    Do you play computer games and what do you think about a 24-hour weekend Tube service?

    First broadcast: 22 Nov 2013

    Image for Computer games and 24-hour Tube Not currently available
  22. Swearing and toys

    Is it wrong to swear around children and do you have any special toys?

    First broadcast: 21 Nov 2013

    Image for Swearing and toys Not currently available
  23. Property and benefits

    Owning your own property and should we cut benefits for under-25s?

    First broadcast: 20 Nov 2013

    Image for Property and benefits Not currently available
  24. The NHS and heating

    Should the NHS charge £10 to see a GP?

    First broadcast: 19 Nov 2013

    Image for The NHS and heating Not currently available
  25. A secret bit of London and interior design nightmares

    Have you ever visited a secret bit of London?

    First broadcast: 18 Nov 2013

    Image for A secret bit of London and interior design nightmares Not currently available
  26. Doctors and libraries

    Do you know the name of your doctor and do you visit your library?

    First broadcast: 15 Nov 2013

    Image for Doctors and libraries Not currently available
  27. Computers and cycling

    Could your job be replaced by a computer?

    First broadcast: 14 Nov 2013

    Image for Computers and cycling Not currently available
  28. Buskers and animal testing

    Should buskers in London need licences and what are your thoughts on animal testing?

    First broadcast: 13 Nov 2013

    Image for Buskers and animal testing Not currently available
  29. The Philippines

    What can we do to help the Philippines?

    First broadcast: 12 Nov 2013

    Image for The Philippines Not currently available
  30. The class system

    Talking about Britain's class system.

    First broadcast: 11 Nov 2013

    Image for The class system Not currently available

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