Defeating cyber criminals

Defeating the cyber criminals
Cyber criminals beware; Technology experts have gathered in Dublin to work out plans that will undermine the criminals who roam cyberspace. The technology experts who work at the 'coal-face' of cyber crime discuss how much they know about their adversaries, how they plan to monitor their nefarious activities and infiltrate the gangs. Gareth Mitchell hears from Fred Wright and Andrew Howard from the Georgia Tech Research Institute about harvesting and neutralising malware.

Biometric tunnel
Biometric apps using voice or facial recognition are increasingly being employed at security checks. A team of researchers at the University of Southampton in southern England have gone a step further by devising a biometric tunnel that will also scan your ears to help 'fix' your identity. Zoe Kleinman walked the tunnel for Click and talked to the scientists behind the technology.

Take the hype out of cyber warfare
Cyber warfare is all hype. That’s the belief of a number of critics. But it is also the aim of technology experts active in the field of cyber security to take the hype out of so-called cyber warfare. Gareth Mitchell talks to the former US air force lieutenant general, Robert J.Elder, who was responsible for helping device the forces response to cyberspace.

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