Asthma - Alisha's story

Alisha is a nine year old girl who suffers from asthma. She talks about how it affects her life and the things she finds difficult. Alisha’s asthma is a serious medical condition and an attack can be fatal. Her asthma is affected by exercise, making her cough and short of breath, so she uses an inhaler to keep it under control. She also finds it difficult to play outside in the cold weather. As a result Alisha has to be careful what activities she does. She prefers more passive activities which she does with a friend. Her friends will often give up their games to play with her and play games where there is little or no running. The asthma causes her to miss school sometimes and she falls behind with her work. Some pupils have been mean to her; others exclude her from their activities thinking she does it on purpose. Her friends help her to catch up with her school work and are very understanding.

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