Bad hair day

It's the night before the friends are due to go hiking with their class, and Lara (12) boasts about her great new outfit. The boys wonder why this is important, and Akira (12) echoes their feeling – they're hiking, not going on a fashion show. Monica (11) backs Lara up; after all, there's nothing wrong with looking your best. The next day, Lara turns up ready to go hiking, but she's covered up, head to foot. Everyone is confused; is that her great outfit? Won’t she get hot? It's like a heat wave outside. Lara eventually takes her long sleeved top off to reveal to Monica and Akira that she's got hair in her armpits and on her legs. She's mortified, but Akira tells her that she has hair there too, and that it's not such a big problem. Lara spots Tony (12) pointing at her and thinks he’s seen her hairy underarms and told all the boys too. She insists that she wants to remove the hair, so her friends help her out, and when Lara confronts Tony, she realises he hadn't even seen the hair; he was actually about to compliment her on her new outfit.

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