Love and Loss in Tahrir Square

One of the most potent images from the demonstrations in Tahir Square last year was the footage of a red-hooded woman being beaten by soldiers as she tried to come to the aid of another protester. It was shown around the world. That woman was Azza Hilal Suleiman. She spoke to Outlook about the attack and how she met her husband during those protests.

After asking you to tell us about your extraordinary personal stories, Outlook listener Tahira Balducci, who lives in the Zambian capital Lusaka, got in touch with us to tell us about how aged 24-years-old, she has spent the last two years fighting to recover from major surgery for a brain tumour.

Life in Libya after the toppling of Colonel Gaddafi is full of challenges. But - on his new morning radio show - former musician Fuad Gritli is trying to cheer people up. As he told me on the line from Tripoli, his contribution to the revolution was writing anti Gaddafi songs:

Picture: Azza Suleiman Picture credit: © Amnesty International

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