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'Some Dogs Bite' (pt 7/10)

Duration: 01:47

This is the seventh clip from the drama 'Some Dogs Bite', which follows a group of vulnerable young people on their journey to find some stability and security in their lives. Two brothers H and Casey are close to their destination, Inverness. They are walking by a beautiful loch, with their baby brother Sevvie in a backpack, when they are stopped by two American tourists. The man has noticed the 'dog tag' identification which H is wearing and asks if H is in the military. Despite knowing that H had taken the 'dog tags' from his friend Lenny, who had been killed in a car accident, Casey says H has just come back from Afghanistan and the tourist shakes H's hand, saying how much he respects him. H reflects that he would love to be someone that people genuinely admired, rather than someone they would cross the road to avoid. Casey also thinks about how he always tried to be good but just "kept messing up".

NOTE: This clip contains some language that may offend

Available since: Mon 12 Nov 2012

This clip is from

Some Dogs Bite

Drama about three brothers on the road trying to find their estranged father.

First broadcast: 10 Nov 2010

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