'Some Dogs Bite' (pt 1/10)

Short extract from the film 'Some Dogs Bite', which follows a group of vulnerable young people on their journey to find some stability and security in their lives. We are introduced to three brothers, H who is 18; Casey, 14 and baby Severino. The three brothers have been split up after their mother’s death. Casey is in care, Severino has been fostered with a view to adoption, and H is living alone in his mother's flat. Casey is determined to keep the family together – running away from care, he snatches Severino from the baby's foster parents, steals H's stash of money and posts the cash to a PO Box in Inverness in the north of Scotland. His goal is to find his estranged dad, who moved back to Inverness years ago. To ensure his older brother's help on the journey, Casey makes sure H will need to sign for the money. If H wants it back, he’ll have to join them on their road trip north. At first H wants nothing to do with it, but, realising he must follow Casey or lose his money, he becomes part of the fugitive group.

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7 minutes

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