Advice for musicians and unsigned artists. From starting out to recording, playing live, choosing a record deal and building an online fanbase

If you're making music, you'll find everything you need to know here, whether you want to get the most out of your studio time, take your live show to the next level or just find out more about the business.

With advice from those that work in the industry, artists starting out and artists that have been there and done it, you'll find something that helps you take your next step, whatever you want that to be.

Find the area of music that you need to know most about and then explore our text and videos featuring industry experts and the odd famous face.

Find the advice you need

  • Starting out

    Tips on getting together, rehearsing, getting the right kit together and writing your first songs. Everything you need to know about how to work in perfect harmony.

  • Recording

    Featuring recording tips, advice for working with producers and the values of doing remixes

  • Playing live

    Gigging experience is invaluable. The more you play live, the more confident you will become as a band, solo artist or DJ

  • Getting noticed and online promotion

    Expert advice on doing it yourself, sending out demos, generating a buzz and making the most of online

  • The right deal for you

    Find out how to choose what's best for you to get your music made, supported and heard


More industry advice

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