USA and China: Exiles, Emigres and Migrants

Insight, wit and analysis from BBC correspondents around the world, introduced by Pascale Harter. This edition focuses on emigrants, emigres and exiles in America and China - and finds two communities, both far from home, with differing concerns.

In California, Robin Denselow revisits the community called "Little Saigon", made up mostly of people who fled the former South Vietnam before the Vietcong took over in 1975. They're still intimately connected to Vietnamese language, culture and social issues; yet there's controversy over when or whether it's OK to travel back 'home' to Vietnam - even if only for a visit.

Meanwhile, in China, there's a smaller but growing number of African traders and entrepreneurs trying to find a footing and turn a profit in a country not very accustomed to migrants. Mukul Devichand hears their concerns over racism, visa policy - and why some of them feel the need for a Chinese "business wife".

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