How special is America?

Americans like to think they are special - and they are - but increasingly not in the way they like to think. By some measures the American economy is in a worse state than those of Spain, Portugal or even Greece. Yet Americans and their politicians don't seem ready to address the problems - why not?

Justin Rowlatt challenges Kai Ryssdal of the US radio show Marketplace about what seems like complacency as his nation hurtles towards the so-called "fiscal cliff".

We have Goldman Sach's head of Asset Management, Jim O'Neil, on why we should all be worried about America's lack of action.

Plus: How to repay your debts and the redoubtable Lucy Kellaway of the Financial Times on why nepotism isn't always such a bad thing.

(Image: Dollars folded and held together with a elastic band, Credit: AFP/Getty)

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