Weekend Edition 3 Nov 2012

Pascale Harter presents stories by BBC correspondents, journalists and writers based around the world. In this edition:
-Jill McGivering visits a wealthy family in China. Their success mirrors the rise of their country and the transformation of their hometown, Shenzhen, from a sleepy fishing village to an economic powerhouse. But have the younger generations missed out on some of the lessons of their elders?
-We have three dispatches from Syria including a story from inside the country. Tim Whewell met the mayor of a town that has thrown off government control. The mayor is still loyal to the regime but he’s also vital to the rebels – making for a complicated example of the divided loyalties in Syria today.
-In Brazil, the Valley of the Dawn movement combines a grab-bag of religions with faith in extra-terrestrials, and a lot more besides. Our correspondent Rajan Data tries to find out what believers get out of the
-And in Burma, Kim Philley gets invited to a ceremony in honor of nats – spirits whose fondness for alcohol and cigarettes makes for quite a party.
-Finally, BBC Berlin correspondent Stephen Evans has been shopping for bikes. Not a luxury purchase, because for Berliners the easiest way to get around is on two wheels. But will he take all sensible safety precautions? Not a chance.

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