WHYS 60: Live from a rooftop on Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood.

Is Hollywood working? We broadcast from the roof of the Andaz Hotel in Los Angeles - the place where Keith Richards famously threw a TV off his 11th-floor balcony, Jim Morrison hung from a window by his fingertips and Axl Rose tossed steaks to crowds of adoring fans outside on Sunset Boulevard.

The golden era of Hollywood is long since over and for the past 10 years the city has seen an exodus of film-makers. TV production has come in to fill the void but still, up to 90% of actors are thought to be out of work.

We speak to a panel of actors, stars of shows like 24, Nip/Tuck and Private Practice, as well as those struggling to make it, to find out if the Hollywood dream is truly over or if theirs is an industry in transition? Do out-of-work actors identify with other unemployed Americans? And how will the presidential election affect their lives?

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Wed 24 Oct 2012 17:05 GMT

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