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Stunning shockwave

Duration: 01:20

The pistol shrimp can snap its claws to communicate, but they can be used as a sonic weapon to prey on smaller shrimps. First the claw is cocked like a pistol and then fired. The effect is literally stunning. As the claw snaps shuts it fires a blast of bubbles. As the bubbles collapse they momentarily reach the temperature of the sun. This implosion, causes a shockwave that stuns the smaller shrimp and allows the pistol shrimp to collect its dinner.

Available since: Wed 3 Oct 2012


Ciaran Mcmenamin
Camera Operator
Rod Clarke
Camera Operator
Peter Nearhos
Camera Operator
Stephen James Downer
Camera Operator
Mark Payne-Gill
Camera Operator
Tim Macmillan
John Downer
Executive Producer
Keith Scholey
Mark Brownlow

This clip is from

Weird Nature Fantastic Feeding

4/6 A look at the many inventive ways animals catch prey, from fish to lemurs.

First broadcast: 11 Apr 2002

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