London’s 3D Printshow heralds a brave new world of printing your own everyday objects

3D Printshow
3D printing, its admirers say, is to the world of objects what the internet has been to the world of information. The old Henry Ford adage in which the car maker said owners could have any colour of car so long as it was black, no longer holds. Consumers will become makers in the new 3D printing world and will be able to design and fashion objects of their own making, courtesy of a 3D printer. It presents perhaps opportunities and danger as, if 3D printing takes off, it will inevitably disrupt the old manufacturing models. Click visits the brave new world of 3D printing at the first major exhibition devoted to 3D Printing.

Malaysia's Internet Law
Activists and civil rights groups in Malaysia are continuing to campaign against changes to the internet laws of the country which they say puts heavy and emphasis on an anomaly: that you are guilty until proven innocent – at least as far as the changes to the internet law are concerned. In Malaysia, an amendment to its Evidence Act appears to place the burden of proof on the defendant and not the prosecution. The amendment has led to protests in Malaysia, including an internet black out a few weeks ago. Click's reporter Jennifer Pak has been following the story.

Detecting Cyber Bullying
A week on from the tributes paid to Amanda Todd, a teenager in Canada who killed herself after months of cyber bullying, Click examines what can be done to improve the detection of such bullying. On the eve of her suicide, Amanda Todd posted a YouTube video relating to the torment she felt from the bullying. She is not alone. Many young people self-harm or kill themselves following online abuse. Amanda Todd's plight highlights the possible importance of a recent study by MIT into computer programmes for detecting bullying on social networks. The leading researcher Karthik Dinakar, from the MIT Media Lab, joins Click to discuss how cyber bullying might be detected more accurately and earlier.

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