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Slow roast, fast prep leg of lamb

Now, this is a slow cook but very fast prep dish so I thought I would add it to the book. I made this at home one Sunday. I literally just lobbed all the ingredients in the pan and then left it cook for ages. I seriously was not expecting anything amazing, just I thought, a bit of lamb for dinner. But when it was cooked, I tasted a little whilst it was still on the kitchen counter and I almost ate the whole darn lot and did that little dance people sometimes do when something tastes really good. When I took it to the kitchen table to my hungry family, basically half eaten they were to say the least not amused. I ended up slinging some chops on the grill to make up for it - me thinks I am perhaps revealing too much here! I am not ashamed to admit I love a good Aussie Chards and the powerful flavours work well in this dish. Having said that any white wine will be great to cook with too.


4 minutes

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