Sir Tim Berners-Lee joins Click to discuss his ambition to increase the reach of the web. He has launched the Web Index which ranks countries according to the population's access and use of the internet. Sweden, perhaps unsurprisingly, came out on top. But there were a number of surprises. Sir Tim, the inventor of the World Wide Web discusses how the web might even better fulfil its potential.

In the last decade the internet has become increasingly sophisticated, and that sophistication sometimes makes navigation of web pages, for example, quite a challenge. This is even more so for people who have a visual impairment. That dilemma has prompted a collaboration between the Royal London Society for the Blind and IBM. Julian Dailly and Dale Lane discuss the way that the project, which focuses on browsing using speech, might be able to aid visual impairment in a 'conversational internet'.

A team of German student researchers have developed an app that might bring relief to drivers stuck in traffic. Greenway personalises drivers' journeys in ways that seem improbable. For instance, the Greenway system allows drivers to reserve stretches of the road ahead so it's clear when they drive on through. Simon Morton speaks to Christian Brüggemann about Greenway.

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