An introduction to the third heat of Celebrities

The hunt for Celebrity MasterChef 2012 continues as four new celebrity contestants join the competition.

Competing in this week's heat are comedian and writer Jenny Eclair, garden designer and TV Presenter Diarmuid Gavin, former Olympic cycling champion Rebecca Romero and TV Presenter Michael Underwood.

The first challenge for this week's hopefuls is a Mystery Box test; the infamous test of imagination and creativity in which the celebrities are presented with a range of ingredients and must design their own unique dish in just 50 minutes. Tonight's Mystery Box contents include kidneys, liver and brain. With nerves running high the celebrities must think on their feet to impress the judges as they fight to stand out.

But there's no time for complacency, as the contestants face their second challenge for the day – a daunting skills test in which they are tasked with making a breaded chicken schnitzel in only 10 minutes. With the pressure on, the celebrities deliver some less-than-orthodox techniques.

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