Ecuador and Italy

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Turf wars

When Wikileaks founder Julian Assange was looking for a safe haven in London, the embassy of Ecuador may have seemed a rather eccentric choice. Why pick such a small, impoverished country as protector? Well, it is a pretty feisty nation - with its own history of resisting foreign demands and firmly defending its sovereign territory. Will Grant found in the city of Guayaquil that the current case is stirring historic memories...

The "beach without sea" Italians still love

Most countries have their own special way of enjoying summer holidays - and what's adored in one place might be reviled in another. Dany Mitzman's lived in Italy for some years, and wondered why her neighbours would tell her they'd be going to the Riviera Romagnola "with a mixture of pride and embarrassment ... often preceded the word ‘just’ and invariably accompanied by a sheepish giggle; quickly followed by a sort of confession and justification."

This Riviera doesn't have beautiful seascapes, the best bathing, or the most relaxing environment. So what keeps drawing people there?

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