The Eleventh Doctor

The Doctor, in his eleventh incarnation, is an excited explorer of the universe, with a keen intelligence that means he often notices what everyone else has missed.

Fact titleFact data
Also known as: Raggedy Man / The Caretaker
Home Planet: Gallifrey
Random ‘Yes!’ Moment: Giving the Atraxi a scolding.
Fact! The first person the Eleventh Doctor met was Amy Pond, in her garden in Leadworth.
First Appearance: The End of Time, Part Two
Most Recent Appearance: The Angels Take Manhattan

I have a thing. It's like a plan, but with more greatness.The Doctor

He can turn in a moment from being interested in the largest of things to being fascinated by the tiniest of things. But his excitement sometimes results in him tripping over himself and walking into things. He enjoys anything that's different and interesting, and as always he has a powerful sense of right and wrong and a determination to do what's right. He gets on well with children. He prefers to call Amy 'Pond'. His dress sense might be a bit... odd. But he knows that bowties are cool.

The Eleventh Doctor

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