Researchers in Jerusalem have developed an application that converts images into sounds. The question will become not so much what a picture looks like, but what does it sound like?

The system called EyeMusic employs musical notes that change pitch according to an object's shape. Colours are conveyed by different instruments. In the first instance the study used blindfolded volunteers who were able to guide their hand movements quickly and accurately. Amir Amedi joins Click to discuss the project.

Designers of a system called EnableTalk were winners at the Imagine international innovation competition last week. The team from Ukraine won a cup and a $25,000 prize for their system that converts sign language into speech.

Those who are unable to speak might use signing as a way of communicating. But what if the person you want to communicate with does not understand sign language?

EnableTalk recognises hand movements, from a glove worn by the signer, linked by Bluetooth to software. Simon Morton reports from Sydney, Australia.

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