The USA's place in the world

In the run up to the American presidential election, we present a special edition of The Forum from the Aspen Festival of Ideas. How do Americans think their place in the world is changing? Does the United States still see itself as the most powerful player in the world? With a unique leadership position? Or is it in retreat, its influence on the world shrinking?

Bridget Kendall is joined by a former senior advisor to President Bush, Richard Haass, who thinks US foreign policy should rely less on military force. Anne-Marie Slaughter, former senior advisor on President Obama’s foreign policy team, argues America’s greatest asset is its place as a central node in the global network. We also hear from New York Times columnist David Brooks. He argues America is still pre-eminent, not least because other countries are even less popular than the USA.

Illustration by Emily Kasriel: Is America responding to the dark clouds of global economy by turning away from the reset of the world?

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