Some extra features from Operation Iceberg where the team examine phenomena and test scientific theories in the field.

Birth of a 'berg

  • The dwarf forestThe dwarf forest

    Naturalist, Chris Packham takes us on a tour of a unique ten centimetre high forest...

  • Dive ReflexDive Reflex

    Dr Chris van Tulleken and Andy Torbet illustrate the physiological response called the dive reflex.

  • Midnight sunMidnight sun

    Dr Chris van Tulleken investigates what impact the 24 hour sunlight has on the teams sleep patterns.

  • Crevasse WatchCrevasse Watch

    Extreme adventurer Andy Torbet and Glaciologist Jason Box investigate what triggers large scale calving.

Life and death of a 'berg

  • Drilling into the ‘bergDrilling into the ‘berg

    To better their understanding of how the iceberg melts and her team drill into the ‘berg.

  • Cold water toleranceCold water tolerance

    Dr Chris van Tulleken conducts an experiment to see how his body reacts to Arctic waters.

  • Diving under the icebergDiving under the iceberg

    Andy Torbet and cameraman Doug Allan dive under the 'berg and examine the structure from below.

  • Andy's dye experimentAndy's dye experiment

    Andy Torbet releases a marker dye to reveal how water moves around the iceberg.

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