Weekend Edition 30/06/2012

Pascale Harter presents the pick of recent insight and analysis from BBC correspondents and writers around the world. In this week's edition:

IAN PANNELL meets a member of the rebel Free Syrian Army who went from grilling kebabs in his restaurant to making bombs in his backyard;

WILL ROSS witnesses the fear and division being sown in Jos, Nigeria, by recent Boko Haram attacks;

SIMON WORRALL meets a remarkable tree: the clove plant called Afo in Tenate, Indonesia, which defied the once-mighty Dutch empire;

NICK THORPE takes a slow boat up the Danube to learn why environmentalists are alarmed by Croatian and Serbian plans to straighten its course;

DAMIEN McGUINNESS joins the tipsy, scantily-clad and greenery-bedecked celebrations of the summer solstice in Latvia;

and JO FIDGEN explains what the Swedish welfare state could teach us all about love and responsibility.

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