The Wheel Of Misfortune

As EU heads of state and government gather in Brussels, here at Business Daily we thought it was time to look beyond the seemingly endless cycle of economic woe and ask who will eventually pick up the tab. Who'll be paying for all those bad bank loans and all that unsustainable government debt?

Does it feel like a bit of a lottery to you? It does to us too, which got the team thinking - what about a eurozone crisis gameshow?

Business Daily proudly presents The Wheel Of Misfortune.

Plus, you are probably feeling as if you need degree in economics from Harvard to really understand the implications of the financial crisis. If so you'll be glad to discover that Harvard and MIT are now offering free courses.

Justin Rowlatt asks Anant Agarwal, who is the director of MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory and runs one of the courses, why these two great universities have decided to give away their most valuable asset for free.

(Image: Wheel of fortune machine)

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