Croatia and India

Wit and analysis from BBC correspondents around the world, introduced by Pascale Harter. In this edition:

Birds vs barges on the Danube?

As the River Danube wends its way through Europe, it's not just a major channel for people and trade - but also one of the continent's largest havens for wildlife. Or at least it should be. Over the years, repeated dredging and engineering has tried to make the journey shorter and smoother for barges and travellers, while disrupting the feeding, nesting and migration patterns of birds and other creatures. Now there are plans to straighten and discipline the river even further.

But in Serbia, Austria and Croatia, Nick Thorpe has met local environmentalists who'd prefer a softer, more meandering river - with more life in it.

Shaven, not stirred

Now for some of us it can be hard work looking good. Surely it's better to hand the task over to the professionals? Many have a lifetime of expertise, especially in India, where markets and even sidewalks teem with barbers and groomers of all kinds - from scalp-massagers to ear-cleaners to pedicurists.

Hasit Shah doesn't just call on their skills - he also argues that India's economy thrives on contracting out even the smallest or most intimate tasks.

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